All too often we hear about the next new thing. And when this new, highly anticipated innovation is launched, in many cases, it turns out only to be a good starting point, but not an effective platform.

We have spent 2 years developing this, with input from industry leaders to ensure that at launch it is a perfect rendition of both the industry and consumer needs. We could have launched it a year ago but then it would have fallen into the aforementioned category.

Today we are excited to showcase what we believe is the future of the automotive mobility industry. Encompassing both your needs and your consumer needs.

By offering ease of use and employing state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) that includes system understanding of customer’s concerns, promoting recommendations, managing shop time, fully integrated valet pick-up and drop-off, managing loaner fleet and automatically providing alternative means of transportation for the customer.

This new virtual advisor never calls in sick, needs a day off, gets angry with a customer and never prequalifies what a customer will or will not buy –thus increasing sales, efficiency, and most of all, customer experience.

It is with great pleasure
we introduce you to Service Concierge,
your new virtual advisor.

Contact us today for a preview demonstration: or +1-781-654-2200